A Little About Myself

I am 26 a year old, Non-Binary, Parent who’s trying to focus on themselves for the first time in their life.

I created this blog to simply do just that. To talk about myself, learn about myself, and to be heard. This blog will be a little bit of everything from my life. As life takes me there or has taken me, once I dive into my past.

I really am not sure what to accomplish here, but I hope you enjoy the Journey.

The Journey Within

My Latest Posts

  • Step One to Finding myself
    Yesterday I went hounding on the northern part of the Columbia River and chose to partially dress? Enough that it’s more than I usually do. I had a day away and wore sweats, sports bra and sweatshirt. Honestly only wore my sweatshirt for like and hour of the 7 I was gone. (Hence why bra […]
  • A Quiet Point
    Lately I haven’t known what to say. And I still don’t. I guess I’m writing to see if I’m heard. To make sure I’m still not alone in someway, shape or form. I miss interaction. I miss socializing. I miss feeling normal. How can I help myself?
  • Blank
    I’m not sure what to say
  • Full Moon in Pisces 04.26.2022
    Today the full moon is in Pisces and so I’m utilizing the day to help aid me through my journey being this is a day that’s strong for me. (Yes I know, it’s surprising I’m a Pisces) Amethyst – enhances intuition and phychic abilities Clear Quartz – To help promote clarity 2Rose quartz – to […]
  • A Little About Me/Some Current Updates
    This is an explanation piece as to why this seem all over the place. Simply put, it’s because I’m all over the place. But I’m also not good at writing. I’ve never really utilized writing as a vice in my entire life. So I’m learning quite a few things at once. For starters, I’m attempting […]
  • Morning Breakfast, Monday 04.25.2022
    It’s 10:56am as I start writing. We (my daughter who’s a year and a half, and myself) woke up a little before 10:00am. Got her changed, on the couch and covered with a blanket while the living room warms up. While that was going on I gave her a morning milk bottle while I made […]
  • Lost
    What do you do when darkness starts to take over all aspects of life? What can you do to find yourself ? How can I bring myself to be comfortable and confident with what I find? I have honestly no one. I’m recently single. Am a parent to a one and a half year old. […]
  • 4/16/2022
    Tonight is a full moon. And it’s the first time in a very long time that I am doing a Chrystal cleaning and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Truly hope this goes well. Wish me luck tonight

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